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إشارة ثنائي خيار التداول الحر While we work on the website, allow us to introduce ourselves Successful + Deaf is social initiative that promotes deaf entrepreneurship in rural India by connecting them to an international community of supporters and socially conscious consumers.موقع-الراجحي-لبيع-الاسهÙ While volunteering for several years at a non-profit organization, Eileen and her husband Prasad met a group of motivated deaf tailoring students. They soon realized the best opportunity for deaf youth to generate meaningful livelihoods were to become entrepreneurs. With the encouragement from family and friends back home, they began a profit-sharing business. As part of their tailoring curriculum, students began making bags from fabrics discarded by local tailors, and also were introduced to basic concepts of running a small business.

follow We established an independent workshop and continue to make one of a kind bags, table linens and blankets from fabric remnants given by generous donors around the world; or we purchase hand-woven, naturally-dyed cottons to support India’s traditional artisans. Our focus is to mentor deaf young adults helping them improve their small business skills, build their team, and lead the next generation of deaf youth in their villages. By doing this we hope to bring about lasting development through social entrepreneurship and empower deaf youth to be defined by their achievements and not their different abilities.

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